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Experimental Investigation of the Suitability of Orange Peel Oil, Neem Oil and Cotton Seed Oil as Alternate Fuel for Diesel Engines: A Review

  title={Experimental Investigation of the Suitability of Orange Peel Oil, Neem Oil and Cotton Seed Oil as Alternate Fuel for Diesel Engines: A Review},
  author={Gaurav Gopal Naik and A. V. Kulkarni and Dr. R. S. Jahagirdar},
In 1979 due to sudden increase in prices of the petroleum products by the supplying countries, attention was diverted to find out substitute indigenous vegetable oils as substitute fuel to diesel oil. Lot of work is going on different types of vegetable oils. The major advantage of vegetable oils as fuel is that they are non exhaustible and renewable. Since 10 years, researchers are studying on the effects of biodiesel on engine performance and emissions. The use of biodiesel leads to the… 

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