Experimental Investigation of Pedal Powered Centrifugal Pump


The objective of this paper was to design, fabricate and experimentally investigate the working of Pedal Powered Centrifugal Pump (PPCP) which used in small drinking water supply and garden irrigation. PPCP consists of a centrifugal pump operated by pedal power. The centrifugal pump is positioned on its stand in such a way that driven shaft of the centrifugal pump is butted to the bicycle wheel. By pedaling the bicycle, the bicycle wheel rotates, thereby rotating the centrifugal pump which in turns discharges water from the sump. PPCP provides drinking water and irrigation in remote areas where electricity is not available. PPCP is not only free from pollution but also provide healthy exercise. PPCP reduces the rising energy costs. PPCP is designed as a portable one which can be used for irrigation in various places. The experimental investigation was executed and performance of the PPCP was carried out at different rpm. The results indicate that the PPCP had given a considerable amount of discharge and head. The PPWP requires only manual power thereby reducing the utility bill considerably. Experimental result shows that discharge of about 0.0025m/sec can be obtained for around 140rpm.

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