Experimental Evidence for G.u.t. Proton Decay

  title={Experimental Evidence for G.u.t. Proton Decay},
  author={H Adarkar and Shashikant Dugad and Muthuchelian Krishnaswamy and Manoj G. Menon and Badanaval Venkatasubba Sreekantan and Yoshihito Hayashi and N. Ito and Shigeru Kawakami and Shoko Miyake and Yukio Uchihori},
Deep underground in Kolar Gold Fields, in southern India, an experiment to detect proton decay had been carried out since the end of 1980. Analysis of data yielded the following results; (l) the life time of proton is about 1 x 10 years, (2) it decays into wide spectrum of decay modes, p e , p K and so on, and (3) the life time and the distribution of decay… CONTINUE READING