Experimental Evaluation of Obstacle Clearance by a Hybrid Wheel-Legged Robot

  title={Experimental Evaluation of Obstacle Clearance by a Hybrid Wheel-Legged Robot},
  author={Christophe Grand and Pierre Jarrault and Fa{\"i}z Ben Amar and Philippe Bidaud},
This paper deals with the problem of frontal obstacle crossing by a poly-articulated wheeled robot. We focus on the particular architecture of hybrid wheel-legged robots that are redundantly actuated systems. In this paper, experimental results that show the climbing capabilities of such system when crossing large obstacle are presented. We focus on the case of a step like obstacle whose height is superior to the diameter of the wheels. In this case, the adhesion properties have a large impact… 
Design and Control of a Compliant Wheel-on-Leg Rover Which Conforms to Uneven Terrain
The Complios robot is able to spontaneously adapt its configuration while it is rolling on unknown uneven terrain and gives access to the measurement of horizontal forces applied on the legs, which constitutes a valuable information when it comes to choose an appropriate response during obstacle crossing.
Kinematic Analysis of a Mobile Robot While Overcoming Curb


Bounding Gait in a Hybrid Wheeled-Leg Robot
This paper discusses the first implementation of a dynamically stable bounding gait on a hybrid wheeled-leg robot and experimental results demonstrating the key dynamic characteristics of the gait, including footfall patterns, are given.
The Reconfigurable Omnidirectional Articulated Mobile Robot (ROAMeR)
This paper first extends a twist-based modeling approach to systematically construct the symbolic kinematic model for a general class of AWR before specializing it to the authors' planar AWR example, and develops a kinematics redundancy resolution scheme to coordinate the motion of the articulated legs and wheels.
PAW: a hybrid wheeled-leg robot
  • J. Smith, I. Sharf, M. Trentini
  • Engineering
    Proceedings 2006 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2006. ICRA 2006.
  • 2006
In addition to providing design details, controllers are proposed for inclined turning and sprawled braking which take advantage of the hybrid nature of the platform and improve stability.
Athlete: A cargo handling and manipulation robot for the moon
A robotic vehicle called ATHLETE—the All‐Terrain Hex‐Limbed, Extra‐Terrestrial Explorer—is described, along with initial results of field tests of two prototype vehicles. This vehicle concept is
Efficient algorithm for optimal force distribution-the compact-dual LP method
An efficient algorithm, the compact-dual linear programming (LP) method, is presented to solve the force distribution problem and is applicable to a wide range of systems, constraints, and objective functions and yet is computationally efficient.
Analysis of Multifingered Hands
This paper discusses three fundamental problems relating to grasping and manipulating objects within an articulated, multifingered hand: determining how hard to squeeze an ob ject in order to ensure
Impedance Control: An Approach to Manipulation
  • N. Hogan
  • Engineering, Psychology
    1984 American Control Conference
  • 1984
Manipulation fundamentally requires a manipulator to be mechanically coupled to the object being manipulated. A consideration of the physical constraints imposed by dynamic interaction shows that
Development of a Transformable Three‐wheeled Lunar Rover: Tri‐Star IV
The mobilities of Tri-Star IV are reported on, which were verified in experiments conducted on real sand and a test bed and in a field test at the Nakatajima sand dune in Japan.
ROS: an open-source Robot Operating System
This paper discusses how ROS relates to existing robot software frameworks, and briefly overview some of the available application software which uses ROS.