Experimental Enhanced Upper Stage (XEUS): An affordable large lander system

  title={Experimental Enhanced Upper Stage (XEUS): An affordable large lander system},
  author={J. Scotkin and D. Masten and J. Powers and N. O'Konek and B. Kutter and B. Stopnitzky},
  journal={2013 IEEE Aerospace Conference},
The Experimental Enhanced Upper Stage (XEUS) offers a path to reduce costs and development time to sustainable activity beyond LEO by equipping existing large cryogenic propulsion stages with MSS VTVL propulsion and GNC to create a large, multi-thrust axis lander. Conventional lander designs have been driven by the assumption that a single, highly reliable, and efficient propulsion system should conduct the entire descent, approach, and landing. Compromises in structural, propulsion, and… Expand
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