Experimental Economics: How We Can Build Better Financial Markets

  title={Experimental Economics: How We Can Build Better Financial Markets},
  author={Ross M. Miller},
Foreword by Vernon L.Smith. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chronology of Major Events. PART I: BUBBLES AND EXPERIMENTS. 1. Wind Tunnel Markets. 2. Bargain Hunting. 3. A Tale of Two Smiths. 4. Bubbles in the Lab. 5. Bubbles in the Wild. PART II: INSIDE MARKETS: OPTIONS, INFORMATION, AND LIQUIDITY. 6. Black Monday. 7. All the Worlda s an Option. 8. The Invisible Hand Discovers Prices. 9. Sending Signals and Keeping Score. 10. It All Comes Down to Money. PART III: GRIDLOCK AND THE ROAD TO SMART MARKETS… CONTINUE READING