Experiment vs simulation RT WFNDEC 2014 benchmark: CIVA results

  title={Experiment vs simulation RT WFNDEC 2014 benchmark: CIVA results},
  author={D. Tisseur and M. Costin and B. Rattoni and C. Vienne and A. Vabre and G. Cattiaux and T. Sollier},
The French Atomic Energy Commission and Alternative Energies (CEA) has developed for years the CIVA software dedicated to simulation of NDE techniques such as Radiographic Testing (RT). RT modelling is achieved in CIVA using combination of a determinist approach based on ray tracing for transmission beam simulation and a Monte Carlo model for the scattered beam computation. Furthermore, CIVA includes various detectors models, in particular common x-ray films and a photostimulable phosphor… Expand
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Simulation of computed radiography with imaging plate detectors
PENELOPE , an algorithm and computer code for Monte Carlo simulation of electron - photon showers
  • 1996