Experiencing the Universal Breath: a Guided Meditation

  title={Experiencing the Universal Breath: a Guided Meditation},
  author={Edo Shonin and William Gordon},
Working on the assumption that the average healthy individual completes 15 breath cycles each minute, an individual that is fortunate enough to live until they are 100 years old will take approximately 786 million in-breaths and the same number of out-breaths. From the meditator’s perspective, this equates to almost 1.6 billion opportunities to attain enlightenment. The breath, when correctly observed and attended to, can become a potent means of cultivating awakened perception. However… 
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Taking a Breath: Understanding the Interrelationship of Breath in Dance/Movement Therapy and Everyday Life

The integration of breath throughout contexts within dance/movement therapy and daily life can empower an able body-minded individual to explore awareness, which can ultimately achieve a greater