Experiencing interactivity in public spaces (eips)

  title={Experiencing interactivity in public spaces (eips)},
  author={Kaisa V{\"a}{\"a}n{\"a}nen and Jonna H{\"a}kkil{\"a} and {\'A}lvaro Cassinelli and J{\"o}rg M{\"u}ller and Enrico Rukzio and Albrecht Schmidt},
  booktitle={CHI Extended Abstracts},
Mobile and ubiquitous systems create opportunities for new kinds of interactivity in public spaces. Examples of human-technology interactions in public spaces include interactive displays on different scales; mobile systems enabling projection in public environments; smart interactive and reactive objects; tangible interfaces; and public media arts. Human-system and mediated human-human interactions become public and visible to the people around the same space. This creates many possibilities… CONTINUE READING

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