Experiencing Fiction: Judgments, Progressions, and the Rhetorical Theory of Narrative

  title={Experiencing Fiction: Judgments, Progressions, and the Rhetorical Theory of Narrative},
  author={James M. Phelan},
Narrative Judgments on the Love and Friendship in Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending
Julian Barnes is famous in contemporary literary world. His works have attracted many readers all over the world for his variety of writing style and his unceasing exploration of the truth of history
  • S. Kiosses
  • Art
    International Journal of Education and Social Science Research
  • 2021
The meaning and function of plot in narrative texts is thoroughly examined in contemporary literary and critical theory, having been also discussed in classical Greek and Roman works of criticism. A
Plurality and Complementarity of Postclassical Narratologies
The aims of this essay are three-fold. First, it observes that postclassical narratology is not a holistic and unified discipline but a “critical passepartout”—a hybridization of feminist
Narrative as Experience: The Pedagogical Implications of Sympathizing with Fictional Characters
Last year, guided by theories that regard sympathy as an imaginative capacity that can bridge divisions between people of different backgrounds, I conducted an experiment with nearly 200 Finnish
Ageism and Illegal Immigration in Margaret Drabble’s The Dark Flood Rises: An Affect Theory Approach
The present study attempts an affect theory reading of Margaret Drabble’s The Dark Flood Rises (2016). It targets the representation of the two issues of ageism and immigration in the novel and the
Forging a master narrative for a nation: Finnish history as a script during the Second World War
ABSTRACT In our article, we study how Finnish historians produced historical texts to be applied inside the Finnish army to give lessons, speeches, and informal talks to the rank-and-file soldiers
Toward an Erotics of Reading: Three Hypotheses on Pleasure from Barthes's "The Pleasure of the Text"
I didn’t exactly ask this question consciously, but one could have seen me trying to answer it had they watched my behavior. I started to eye suspiciously some of the idiosyncrasies in my personality