Experiences applying for and understanding health insurance under Massachusetts health care reform

  title={Experiences applying for and understanding health insurance under Massachusetts health care reform},
  author={Rachel A. Nardin and Leah Zallman and Assaad Sayah and Danny McCormick},
  journal={International Journal for Equity in Health},
BackgroundThe Affordable Care Act was modeled on the Massachusetts Health Reform of 2006, which reduced the number of uninsured largely through a Medicaid expansion and the provision of publicly subsidized insurance obtained through a Health Benefits Exchange.MethodsWe surveyed a convenience sample of 780 patients seeking care in a safety-net system who obtained Medicaid or publicly subsidized insurance after the Massachusetts reform, as well as a group of employed patients with private… 

Elimination of Cost Sharing for Screening Mammography in Medicare Advantage Plans

The elimination of cost sharing for screening mammography under the ACA was associated with an increase in rates of use of this service among older women for whom screening is recommended and was attenuated among women living in areas with lower educational attainment and was negligible among Hispanic women.

Health Insurance Literacy Among International College Students

Findings show the need for higher education institutions to develop a plan to integrate international students into U.S. health care and increasing health insurance literacy is vital to making an optimal health insurance choice, improving access to health care, and using health care efficiently.

Accounts Receivable Management Strategies to Ensure Timely Payments in Rural Clinics

Accounts Receivable Management Strategies to Ensure Timely Payments in Rural Clinics and how to ensure timely payments in rural clinics is studied.



Health care reform in Massachusetts: implementation of coverage expansions and a health insurance mandate.

National lessons from the Massachusetts experience come not only from the specific decisions made but also from the process of decision making, the need to keep stakeholders engaged, the relationship of decisions to existing programs and regulations, and the interactions among program components.

Perceived affordability of health insurance and medical financial burdens five years in to Massachusetts health reform

Policy makers with responsibility for the benefit design of public insurance available under health care reforms in the U.S. should calibrate cost-sharing to income level so as to minimize difficulty affording care and financial burdens.

Public Understanding of Basic Health Insurance Concepts on the Eve of Health Reform

How well the target population understands the concepts they will confront as they make their insurance choices is focused on.

Preparedness of Americans for the Affordable Care Act

Investigating whether individuals are sufficiently informed to make reasonable choices in the health insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act suggests that the overall population is not well equipped to do so, and suggests that a substantial share of the population is unprepared to navigate the new exchanges.

The experience of Massachusetts shows that consumers will need help in navigating insurance exchanges.

How people seek information and make decisions about the insurance plans that are available to them may improve their ability to select a plan and their satisfaction with it and exchanges may need to provide more resources and decision-support tools to improve consumers' experiences in selecting a health plan.

The health reform monitoring survey: addressing data gaps to provide timely insights into the affordable care act.

The HRMS data show that more than 60 percent of those targeted by the health insurance exchanges struggle with understanding key health insurance concepts, which raises concerns about some people's ability to evaluate trade-offs when choosing health insurance plans.

Americans' experiences in the health insurance marketplaces: results from the first three months.

People's ability to compare benefits and premiums improved between October and December, but many reported challenges in plan selection.

What Americans think of the new insurance marketplaces and Medicaid expansion: findings from the Commonwealth Fund Health Insurance Marketplace Survey, 2013.

The survey results suggest that eligible Americans will likely take advantage of the law's insurance reforms in the months and years to come.

What people really know about their health insurance: a comparison of information obtained from individuals and their insurers.

Information obtained from the general population about whether they have health insurance is valid, but self-reported data on source of insurance, length of time insured, and type of insurance are suspect and should be used cautiously.

Consumers' misunderstanding of health insurance.