Experiences and Perceptions of Online Sexual Solicitation and Grooming of Minors: A Retrospective Report

  title={Experiences and Perceptions of Online Sexual Solicitation and Grooming of Minors: A Retrospective Report},
  author={Emily Ann Greene-Colozzi and Georgia M. Winters and Brandy L. Blasko and Elizabeth L. Jeglic},
  journal={Journal of Child Sexual Abuse},
  pages={836 - 854}
ABSTRACT Internet predation of minors has become a focus of child sexual abuse research and legislation. Studies reveal that many American youth report experiencing sexual solicitation and sexual grooming online, but the youth perspective of these experiences has not been examined. This study examined retrospective perspectives of online sexual solicitation and grooming experienced as a minor. Participants were 1,133 undergraduate college students at two public institutions in the United States… 
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