Experience with indwelling ureteral stent catheters.

  title={Experience with indwelling ureteral stent catheters.},
  author={Robert P Gibbons and Roy J. Correa and Kenneth B. Cummings and Jeffrey T. Mason},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={115 1},
A new indwelling ureteral stent to provide long-term ureteral drainage is described. This radiopaque stent is manufactured of non-reactive, non-collapsible tubing and is designed to resist downward expulsion and upward migration. Internal stent diversion offers advantages in managing patients whose ureters are obstructed by malignancy. 1) Endoscopic placement of the ureteral stent is associated with less morbidity and mortality than supravesical diversion. 2) Unilateral obstruction can be… CONTINUE READING

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