Experience with Charnley low-friction arthroplasty in Japan.

  title={Experience with Charnley low-friction arthroplasty in Japan.},
  author={Kazuo Terayama},
  journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research},
  • Kazuo Terayama
  • Published 1986 in Clinical orthopaedics and related research
Of 300 hips operated upon from 1972 to 1983, 11 were followed for more than ten years and 107 hips were followed for more than five years. Only two hips had late infection and required Girdlestone resection. One hip with mechanical loosening was revised. The Charnley low-friction arthroplasty components have proved suitable and presented no special difficulties for Japanese people and their lifestyle. In the case of a severely anteverted femoral neck, a fixation of the stem was anteverted up to… CONTINUE READING

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