Experience report on software product line evolution due to market reposition


This paper presents the result of a study on the changes that occurred in the product line of a telecommunication equipments supplier because of the top management decision to change the product line's target market. The study examines six years of data and identifies potential relationships between changes in the product line and changes in the company's customer, inner context, and product layers. Some of the key findings are: (i) Sales are negatively related to product line growth and positively related to design turnover and the number of designers assigned to the product line. (ii) There is no relationship between the size of the code added to the product line and the number of designers required to develop and test it. (iii) There is a positive relationship between designer turnover and impact of change. (iv) The market downturn has an explicit impact on software development activities.

DOI: 10.1145/1151433.1151437

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