Experience report: OCaml for an industrial-strength static analysis framework

  title={Experience report: OCaml for an industrial-strength static analysis framework},
  author={Pascal Cuoq and Julien Signoles and Patrick Baudin and Richard Bonichon and G{\'e}raud Canet and Lo{\"i}c Correnson and Benjamin Monate and Virgile Prevosto and Armand Puccetti},
This experience report describes the choice of OCaml as the implementation language for Frama-C, a framework for the static analysis of C programs. OCaml became the implementation language for Frama-C because it is expressive. Most of the reasons listed in the remaining of this article are secondary reasons, features which are not specific to OCaml (modularity, availability of a C parser, control over the use of resources...) but could have prevented the use of OCaml for this project if they… CONTINUE READING

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