Experience-dependent changes in temperature and behavioral activity induced by MDMA

  title={Experience-dependent changes in temperature and behavioral activity induced by MDMA},
  author={Maria Elena Reveron and Esther Y. Maier and Christine L. Duvauchelle},
  journal={Physiology & Behavior},
Hyperthermia and hyperlocomotor activity are commonly reported acute effects of high dose, experimenter-delivered 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). The current investigation was performed to determine short- to long-term physiological and behavioral changes induced by moderate intake MDMA self-administration. In the present study, rats self-administered MDMA (approx. 2.0-7.0 mg/kg/day) across 20 days during daily 2-h operant sessions. Locomotor activity was assessed during MDMA self… CONTINUE READING

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