Experience Integrating a New Compiler and a New Garbage Collector Into Rotor

  title={Experience Integrating a New Compiler and a New Garbage Collector Into Rotor},
  author={T. A. Anderson and Marsha Eng and Neal Glew and Brian T. Lewis and Vijay Menon and James M. Stichnoth},
  journal={J. Object Technol.},
Microsoft’s Rotor is a shared-source CLI implementation intended for use as a research platform. It is particularly attractive for research because of its complete implementation and extensive libraries, and because its modular design allows dierent implementations of certain components such as just-in-time compilers (JITs). Our group has independently developed our own high-performance JIT and garbage collector (GC) and wanted to take advantage of Rotor to experiment with these components in a… 
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