Experience-Based Packet Scheduler


The object of this research is to develop a system that provides fairness among users and at the same time that helps to maximize the data transmission of whole system by optimizing the base station packet planners which are used telecommunication systems. At this research, a packet scheduler is designed for the above mentioned purpose and that is called experience-based packet scheduler (EBPS). The aim of this scheduler is that creating packet planner which makes optimization for sending packets to the users by creating decision metric and it takes into account users' experiences within a certain time period of the previous time, the load situation of the base station that user is connected, the channel quality experienced by the user in real-time and user subscription class. All these data are collected and a decision metric is creating and users who experience bad service previously will be the priority of these packets. Finally, designed EBPS will compared with the schedulers that are used widely in telecommunications system; round Robin (RR), Proportional Fairness (PF) and Maximum DRC (MaxDRC).

DOI: 10.1145/2832987.2832996

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