Expecting Bodies: The Pregnant Man and Transgender Exclusion from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

  title={Expecting Bodies: The Pregnant Man and Transgender Exclusion from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act},
  author={Paisley Currah},
  journal={WSQ: Women's Studies Quarterly},
  pages={330 - 336}
  • Paisley Currah
  • Published 1 December 2008
  • Medicine
  • WSQ: Women's Studies Quarterly
In April 2008, news about an Oregon man's impending parenthood spawned a media tsunami across the US and even internationally. The pregnant man was Thomas Beatie, a transgender man who had had "top" surgery and been on hormone therapy but had stopped taking testosterone in anticipation of getting pregnant. For trans people in the U.S., much of Beatie's narrative resonated with their own experience. While it is rare, but not unheard of in trans communities, for people who have transitioned to… 
The risky womb and the unthinkability of the pregnant man: Addressing trans masculine hysterectomy
It is argued that current presumptions in favour of surgical intervention are influenced by the history of medical interventions to “fix” bodies perceived as female, coupled with a strong social taboo against the pregnant man, and practices in this regard should be critically examined.
Conceptions of transgender parenthood in fertility care and family planning in Sweden: from reproductive rights to concrete practices
Light is shed on the very process by which these new rights are translated in the practical context of the fertility clinic, and also what it means for cultural imaginations of parenting when a group whose reproductive futures were previously considered either impossible or undesirable are now ‘anticipating infertility’ and engaging in ‘family planning’ as central parts of their lifecourse and medical engagements.
(Trans)Forming Single-Gender Services and Communal Accommodations
The right of transgender (‘trans’) persons to access gender-segregated space is neither a new controversy nor a conversation which is unique to the United Kingdom. Yet, despite increasingly charged
Pregnant Men: Repronormativity, Critical Trans Theory and the Re(conceive)ing of Sex and Pregnancy in Law
This article argues that a critical re(conceive)ing of sex and pregnancy is required in law. Drawing on the dual meaning of conceive – ‘to become pregnant’ and ‘to imagine, or form a mental
Why the “transgender” bathroom controversy should make us rethink sex-segregated public bathrooms
ABSTRACT This article draws a theoretical distinction between “transgender” as an identity, and “transgender” as a form of discrimination, in order to better understand the political stakes of recent
Abortion as Gender Transgression: Reproductive Justice, Queer Theory, and Anti–Crisis Pregnancy Center Activism
“Abortion as Gender Transgression” tells the story of End Fake Clinics, a queer reproductive justice student club at the University of California, Santa Barbara, that worked with their student
A Defining Moment in Civil Rights History? The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Trans-Inclusion, and Homonormativity
This article traces the history of the struggle for trans-inclusion in the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), focusing in on the decision to take gender identity protections out of the
Grieving Gender: Trans-identities, Transition, and Ambiguous Loss
More and more families include a member who is trans-identified, and therefore, may be called to consider how sex and gender matter to identity and relationships. Previous research shows that for
Trans self-identification and the language of neoliberal selfhood: Agency, power, and the limits of monologic discourse
  • Lal Zimman
  • Sociology
    International Journal of the Sociology of Language
  • 2019
Abstract Sociocultural linguists share with transgender communities a strong interest in the power of individuals to assert agency over linguistic patterns. For trans people, a key principle of
In Search of Law in Women’s and Gender Studies: Toward Critical Womanist Legal Studies
In the context of recent critiques of Women’s and Gender Studies’ (WGS) institutionalization within the academy, this article foregrounds the role that a transdisciplinary and critical womanist legal


Unraveling injustice: Race and class impact of medicaid exclusions of transition-related health care for transgender people
This article explores how Medicaid policies excluding or limiting coverage for transition-related health care for transgender people reproduce hierarchies of race and class and examines the social, economic, legal, political, medical, and mental health impact of these policies on low-income trans communities.
Regulating Sex: The Politics of Intimacy and Identity
Acknowledgements Regulating Sex: An introduction Elizabeth Bernstein and Laurie Schaffner Part 1: The Regulation of Queer Identities and Intimacies 1. Liberalism and Social Movement Success: The case
Female-to-male transgender quality of life
Analysis of quality of life health concepts demonstrated statistically significant diminishedquality of life among the FTM transgender participants as compared to the US male and female population, particularly in regard to mental health.
“We Won't Know Who You Are”: Contesting Sex Designations in New York City Birth Certificates
This article examines shifts in the legal, medical, and common-sense logics governing the designation of sex on birth certificates issued by the City of New York between 1965 and 2006. In the initial
Labor of love.
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The Labor of Love
Transgender Leaders Laud Unified Voice of GLBT Community in Federal Legislative Efforts
    “ Resolution Comments - NYC Birth Certificate for Transgender People . ” Schroer v . Billington , N . 05 - 1090 ( JR )
    • 2006
    “ Labor of Love . ” Advocate , March 26 , 2008
    • 2004