Expectancies, not aroma, explain impact of lavender aromatherapy on psychophysiological indices of relaxation in young healthy women.

  title={Expectancies, not aroma, explain impact of lavender aromatherapy on psychophysiological indices of relaxation in young healthy women.},
  author={Siobh{\'a}n Howard and Brian M Hughes},
  journal={British journal of health psychology},
  volume={13 Pt 4},
  • S. HowardB. Hughes
  • Published 1 November 2008
  • Psychology
  • British journal of health psychology
OBJECTIVES In aromatherapy, lavender aroma is reputed to assist with relaxation. However, while there is much anecdotal evidence to that effect, the empirical literature is very inconsistent. Failure to employ adequate placebos, proper blinding, objective measures, or screening of prior beliefs about aromatherapy means that many previous findings could have been influenced by expectancy biases. The present study sought to establish whether lavender aroma and/or expectancies affect post-stress… 

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The observable aroma effects were produced by a combination of mechanisms involving aroma-specific pharmacologic properties, aroma hedonic properties, and participant expectations, and in the future, each of these mechanisms could be manipulated to produce optimal functioning.

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While there were no aroma-specific effects on stress or cognition, these results highlight the role of expectancy for poststress response inhibition and attention.

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Skin patches with lavender aroma improved total mood disturbance and two negative subscales scores of the Profile of Mood States 2nd Edition in the AROM group over time, but no improvement in mood states was observed in the CONT group.

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Perceived changes in BP and HR were not related to the respective objective changes but were connected to perceived changes in alertness, and expectancies play an important role in the subjective effects of inhaled EOs.

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Results indicate that in chronic hemodialysis patients hiba oil is an effective, non‐invasive means for the treatment of depression and anxiety, and that lavender alleviates anxiety.


Findings indicate that the olfactory properties of these essential oils can produce objective effects on cognitive performance, as well as subjective effects on mood.

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The addition of an essential oil seems to enhance the effect of massage and to improve physical and psychological symptoms, as well as overall quality of life.

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The data suggest that a specific cosmetic fragrance can have a significant role in enhancing relaxation and are consistent with relaxation profiles during other sensory stimuli such as massage and music, as reported in the literature.

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