Expansion of the Graphdiyne Family: A Triphenylene-Cored Analogue.

  title={Expansion of the Graphdiyne Family: A Triphenylene-Cored Analogue.},
  author={Ryota Matsuoka and Ryojun Toyoda and Ryo Shiotsuki and Naoya Fukui and Keisuke Wada and Hiroaki Maeda and Ryota Sakamoto and Sono Sasaki and Hiroyasu Masunaga and Kosuke Nagashio and Hiroshi Nishihara},
  journal={ACS applied materials & interfaces},
Graphdiyne (GDY) comprises an important class in functional covalent organic nanosheets based on carbon-carbon bond formation, and recent focus has collected in the expansion of its variations. Here we report on the synthesis of a GDY analogue, TP-GDY, which has triphenylene as the aromatic core. Our liquid/liquid interfacial synthesis for GDY ( J. Am. Chem… CONTINUE READING