Expansion of CD4(+) HLA-G(+) T Cell in human pregnancy is impaired in pre-eclampsia.

  title={Expansion of CD4(+) HLA-G(+) T Cell in human pregnancy is impaired in pre-eclampsia.},
  author={Peter S Hsu and Brigitte Santner-Nanan and Steven J Joung and Michael J Peek and Ralph Nanan},
  journal={American journal of reproductive immunology},
  volume={71 3},
PROBLEM The role of CD4(+) HLA-G(+) T cells in healthy pregnancy and pre-eclampsia is unclear. METHOD OF STUDY CD4(+) HLA-G(+) T cells were analysed from peripheral blood and decidual samples from healthy pregnant and pre-eclamptic women. In vitro T-cell induction, trogocytosis and suppression assays were performed. RESULTS In peripheral blood, CD4(+) HLA-G(+) T cells were significantly higher in pregnant women (mean ± S.E.M.: 7.98 ± 1.10%), compared with non-pregnant controls (mean ± S.E.M… CONTINUE READING

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