Expanding the range of ZNF804A variants conferring risk of psychosis

  title={Expanding the range of ZNF804A variants conferring risk of psychosis},
  author={Scott Steinberg and Ole Mors and Anders D. B\orglum and Omar G{\'u}stafsson and T. Werge and Preben B Mortensen and Ole A. Andreassen and Engilbert Sigurdsson and Thorgeir E. Thorgeirsson and Yvonne B{\"o}ttcher and P I Olason and Roel A. Ophoff and Sven Cichon and Iris H Gudjonsdottir and Olli P. H. Pietil{\"a}inen and Mette Nyegaard and Annamarie Tuulio-Henriksson and Andr{\'e}s Ingason and Toran Hansen and Lavinia Athanasiu and Janne Suvisaari and Jouko Lonnqvist and Tiina Paunio and Armin Hartmann and Gesche J{\"u}rgens and Merete Nordentoft and David Michael Hougaard and Bent Norgaard-Pedersen and Ren{\'e} Breuer and H. J. M{\"o}ller and Ina Giegling and Birte Yding Glenth\oj and Henrik Berg Rasmussen and Manuel Mattheisen and Istv{\'a}n Bitter and J{\'a}nos M. R{\'e}thelyi and Thordur Sigmundsson and Ragnheidur Fossdal and Unnur Thorsteinsdottir and Mirella Ruggeri and Sarah Tosato and Eric Strengman and Lambertus A. L. M. Kiemeney and Ingrid Melle and Srdjan Djurovic and Lilia I Abramova and Vasily I Kaleda and Maria Walshe and Elvira Bramon and Evangelos Vassos and T Li and Gillian Fraser and Natasha Walker and Timothea Toulopoulou and Jihoo Yoon and Nelson B. Freimer and Rita M. Cantor and Robin MacGregor Murray and Augustine Kong and Vera E. Golimbet and Erik J{\"o}nsson and Lars Terenius and Ingrid Agartz and Hannes P{\'e}tursson and Markus M. N{\"o}then and Marcella Rietschel and Laura-Maria Peltonen and Dan Rujescu and David A. Collier and Hreinn Stefansson and David M. St Clair and K{\'a}ri Stef{\'a}nsson},
  journal={Molecular Psychiatry},
A trio of genome-wide association studies recently reported sequence variants at three loci to be significantly associated with schizophrenia. No sequence polymorphism had been unequivocally (P<5 × 10−8) associated with schizophrenia earlier. However, one variant, rs1344706[T], had come very close. This polymorphism, located in an intron of ZNF804A, was reported to associate with schizophrenia with a P-value of 1.6 × 10−7, and with psychosis (schizophrenia plus bipolar disorder) with a P-value… CONTINUE READING
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