Expanding the quantum photonic toolbox in AlGaAsOI

  title={Expanding the quantum photonic toolbox in AlGaAsOI},
  author={Joshua E. Castro and Trevor J. Steiner and L. Thiel and A. Dinkelacker and Corey A. Mcdonald and Paolo Pintus and Lin Chang and J. E. Bowers and G. Moody},
  journal={APL Photonics},
Aluminum gallium arsenide-on-insulator (AlGaAsOI) exhibits large [Formula: see text] and [Formula: see text] optical nonlinearities, a wide tunable bandgap, low waveguide propagation loss, and a large thermo-optic coefficient, making it an exciting platform for integrated quantum photonics. With ultrabright sources of quantum light established in AlGaAsOI, the next step is to develop the critical building blocks for chip-scale quantum photonic circuits. Here we expand the quantum photonic… 

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