Expanding the genetic code of Escherichia coli with phosphoserine.

  title={Expanding the genetic code of Escherichia coli with phosphoserine.},
  author={Hee-Sung Park and Michael J. Hohn and Takuya Umehara and L Guo and Edith M Osborne and Jack Benner and C. J. Noren and Jesse Rinehart and Dieter S{\"o}ll},
  volume={333 6046},
O-Phosphoserine (Sep), the most abundant phosphoamino acid in the eukaryotic phosphoproteome, is not encoded in the genetic code, but synthesized posttranslationally. Here, we present an engineered system for specific cotranslational Sep incorporation (directed by UAG) into any desired position in a protein by an Escherichia coli strain that harbors a Sep-accepting transfer RNA (tRNA(Sep)), its cognate Sep-tRNA synthetase (SepRS), and an engineered EF-Tu (EF-Sep). Expanding the genetic code… CONTINUE READING