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Expanding Advanced Civilizations in the Universe

  title={Expanding Advanced Civilizations in the Universe},
  author={Claudius Gros},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
  • C. Gros
  • Published 7 January 2005
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Astrophysics
The 1950 lunch-table remark by Enrico Fermi ‘Where is everybody’ has started intensive scientific and philosophical discussions about what we call nowadays the ‘Fermi paradox’: If there had been ever a single advanced civilization in the cosmological history of our galaxy, dedicated to expansion, it would have had plenty of time to colonize the entire galaxy via exponential growth. No evidence of present or past alien visits to earth are known to us, leading to the standard conclusion that no… 
A Computational Analysis of Galactic Exploration with Space Probes: Implications for the Fermi Paradox
Temporal explanations to the Fermi paradox state that the vast scale of the galaxy diminishes the chances of establishing contact with an extraterrestrial technological civilization (ETC) within a
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It is argued that the "generic" evolutionary pathway of advanced technological civilizations are more likely to be optimization-driven than expansion-driven, in contrast to the prevailing opinions
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Paradoxical properties of the KIC 8462852 object discovered in the course the Kepler mission are considered. It has been shown that the assumptions about the nature of the object as a swarm of
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Early in the twentieth century, pioneering spaceflight theorist Konstantin Tsiolkovskii envisioned human expansion through the solar system. If extraterrestrial colonization was in Humankind’s
Colonización de la Galaxia por una civilización extraterrestre tecnológicamente avanzada
Con el descomunal tamano del universo y la cantidad de planetas que hay, es muy extrano que no hayamos tenido evidencias claras de vida extraterrestre en todo el periodo de existencia de la
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No present observations suggest a technologically advanced extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) has spread through the galaxy. However, under commonplace assumptions about galactic civilization


Implications of the Copernican principle for our future prospects
Making only the assumption that you are a random intelligent observer, limits for the total longevity of our species of 0.2 million to 8 million years can be derived at the 95% confidence level.