ExpBERT: Representation Engineering with Natural Language Explanations

  title={ExpBERT: Representation Engineering with Natural Language Explanations},
  author={Shikhar Murty and Pang Wei Koh and Percy Liang},
  • Shikhar Murty, Pang Wei Koh, Percy Liang
  • Published in ACL 2020
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Suppose we want to specify the inductive bias that married couples typically go on honeymoons for the task of extracting pairs of spouses from text. In this paper, we allow model developers to specify these types of inductive biases as natural language explanations. We use BERT fine-tuned on MultiNLI to ``interpret'' these explanations with respect to the input sentence, producing explanation-guided representations of the input. Across three relation extraction tasks, our method, ExpBERT… CONTINUE READING

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