Exotic Dancing and Health

  title={Exotic Dancing and Health},
  author={Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale and J. Lewis and J P Clark and J Zubick and So Young},
  journal={Women \& Health},
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ABSTRACT The health and safety of women who work as exotic dancers are firmly embedded within the social organization of the strip club and the broader social, economic and political context of the work of exotic dancing. Exotic dancers in this study expressed health concerns associated with: the effects of costuming and appearance requirements; dirty work environments; problems due to stigmatization, sexual harassment and assault; and police disinterest or victim blaming. The balance between… Expand
More than a dance: the production of sexual health risk in the exotic dance clubs in Baltimore, USA.
This study examines the nature of the physical, social, and economic risk environments in promoting drug and sexual risk behaviors in exotic dance clubs and illuminated characteristics of the environment that should be targeted for interventions. Expand
Experiences of structural vulnerability among exotic dancers in Baltimore, Maryland: Co-occurring social and economic antecedents of HIV/STI risk.
Insight is provided on an understudied group of at-risk women with a unique demographic profile how the effects of structural vulnerability, substance abuse, social strategies, and opportunities for economic gain through sexual services in the workplace converge to produce varying levels of HIV/STI risk among exotic dancers. Expand
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This paper explores othering as a form of emotion work for a group of dirty workers, that is, exotic dancers employed at a chain of clubs called For Your Eyes Only. This study reveals that dancersExpand
Exotic Dance in Baltimore: From Entry to STI/HIV Risk
Women’s motivations for dancing, including economic vulnerability and drug use practices, shaped their STI/HIV risk once immersed in the club environment, with social networks often facilitating sexual risk behavior. Expand
Doing gender well and differently in dirty work: the case of exotic dancing
This article explores how a group of exotic dancers do gender and manage the stigma associated with their work and identities. We draw upon stigma management strategies from the dirty work literatureExpand
Correlates of Current Transactional Sex among a Sample of Female Exotic Dancers in Baltimore, MD
The findings indicate that there are a number of drug- and sex-related harms faced by exotic dancers in strip clubs, implicating the environment in the promotion of HIV/STI risk-taking behaviors. Expand
The Development of an HIV Risk Environment Scale of Exotic Dance Clubs
The results indicate a high level of HIV/STI risk for dancers in EDCs and underscore the need for targeted interventions in these environments and the scale could be instructive for other settings. Expand
His Reputation Precedes Him: Examining the Construction and Management of the Pimp in Strip Clubs
ABSTRACT Narratives of dancers and managerial individuals working in strip clubs in Ontario, Canada, reveal that even within the sex industry the dominant image of the pimp—as an exploitative,Expand
They look at it as dirty: Components of female exotic dancers 'dirty work' stigma
They Look at It as Dirty: Components of Female Exotic Dancers’ Dirty Work Stigma. (May 2005) Katherine Marie Chalkley, B.A., Texas A&M University Chair of Advisory Committee: Dr. Winfred Arthur, Jr.Expand


Social and Cultural Vulnerability to Sexually Transmitted Infection: The Work of Exotic Dancers
The social and cultural factors that influence the vulnerability of female exotic dancers to sexually transmitted infections and workplace policies and health and safety standards appear to be the most effective ways to decrease theulnerability of dancers. Expand
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