Exotic Amphibians in the Pet Shops of Taiwan

  title={Exotic Amphibians in the Pet Shops of Taiwan},
  author={Prof. Dr. Chung Lien Hou and Tsu-Way Shiau and M. D. Tu and Ching-Chi Chen and Tung-Yu Chen and Ya-fen Tsai and Chun-Fu Lin and Sheng-hai Wu},
Pet trade is an important mechanism for introducing alien species. We surveyed a total of 434 pet shops in major cities of Taiwan and found 49 species of alien amphibians belonging to 14 families and 31 genera. Two of the alien species, Rana catesbeiana and Kaloula pulchra, have established in the fields and the other three, Bufo marinus, Xenopus laevis, and Dendrobates auratus, have invasion records in other countries. There were 16 CITES Appendix Ⅱ species. The most frequently displayed… CONTINUE READING