Exosomes Function in Pro- and Anti-Angiogenesis.


Exosomes, a group of small vesicles (30-100 nm), originate when the inward budding of the endosomal membrane forms multivesicular bodies (MVBs). Exosomes are released into the extracellular space when the MVBs fuse with the plasma membrane. Numerous studies have indicated that exosomes play critical roles in mediating cell-to-cell communication. Also… (More)



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@article{Ribeiro2013ExosomesFI, title={Exosomes Function in Pro- and Anti-Angiogenesis.}, author={Mara Fernandes Ribeiro and Hongyan Zhu and Ronald Wesley Millard and Guo-Chang Fan}, journal={Current angiogenesis}, year={2013}, volume={2 1}, pages={54-59} }