Exosite modules guide substrate recognition in the ZiPD/ElaC protein family.

  title={Exosite modules guide substrate recognition in the ZiPD/ElaC protein family.},
  author={Oliver Schilling and Bettina Sp{\"a}th and Brenda Kostelecky and Anita Marchfelder and Wolfram Meyer-Klaucke and Andreas Vogel},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 18},
Escherichia coli ZiPD is the best characterized protein encoded by the elaC gene family and is a model for the 3'-pre-tRNA processing endoribonucleases (tRNase Z). A metal ligand-based sequence alignment of ZiPD with metallo-beta-lactamase domain proteins of known crystallographic structure identifies a ZiPD-specific sequence insertion of approximately 50 residues, which we will refer to as the ZiPD exosite. Functionally characterized ZiPD homologs from Bacillus subtilis, Methanococcus… CONTINUE READING
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