Exosat observations of the Kepler supernova remnant

  title={Exosat observations of the Kepler supernova remnant},
  author={A. Smith and Anthony. Peacock and Monique Sarfati Arnaud and Jean Ballet and Robert Rothenflug and Robert Rocchia},
The medium-energy experiment on board Exosat was used to measure the X-ray spectrum of the Kepler supernova remnant over the range 1.5-10 keV. An Fe emission line was clearly resolved with an energy of about 6.5 keV and equivalent width of about 1.8 keV. This was superposed on a continuum with a temperature of 5.0(+3.8, -1.9) keV. The medium-energy spectrum is shown to be consistent with a model in which the Kepler SNR is presently in a Sedov phase of evolution, the 5 keV continuum arises from… CONTINUE READING

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