Exopolysaccharide-producing bacteria from sugar beets.

  title={Exopolysaccharide-producing bacteria from sugar beets.},
  author={A H Tallgren and Ulla Airaksinen and R vonWeissenberg and Heikki Ojamo and Johanna Kuusisto and Matti S. A. Leisola},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={65 2},
Six hundred microorganisms were isolated from sugar beets collected from different parts of Finland to study their slime production. A total of 170 of them produced exopolysaccharides, of which 35% were heteropolysaccharides. The yield of heteropolysaccharides from sucrose was lower than that of dextrans. Five isolates, which were chosen for closer study, were identified as Leuconostoc mesenteroides (two species), Rahnella aquatilis (two species), and Enterobacter amnigenus. 

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