Exonuclease I hydrolyzes DNA with a distribution of rates.

  title={Exonuclease I hydrolyzes DNA with a distribution of rates.},
  author={James H. Werner and Hong Cai and Richard A. Keller and Peter M. Goodwin},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={88 2},
We report heterogeneity in the time necessary for Exonuclease I to hydrolyze identical DNA fragments. A real-time fluorescence method measured the time required by molecules of Exonuclease I to hydrolyze single-stranded DNA that was synthesized to have two fluorescently labeled nucleotides. One fluorescently labeled nucleotide was located near the 3' end of the DNA and the other near the 5' end. Heterogeneity in the hydrolysis rate of the exonuclease population was inferred from the… CONTINUE READING