Exogenous polyamines enhance copper tolerance of Nymphoides peltatum.

  title={Exogenous polyamines enhance copper tolerance of Nymphoides peltatum.},
  author={Xue Wang and Guoxin Shi and Qin-song Xu and Jinzhao Hu},
  journal={Journal of plant physiology},
  volume={164 8},
The protective effects of polyamines (PAs) against copper (Cu) toxicity were investigated in the leaves of Nymphoides peltatum. Cu treatment increased the putrescine (Put) level and lowered spermidine (Spd) and spermine (Spm) levels, thereby reducing the (Spd+Spm)/Put ratio in leaves. Exogenous application of Spd or Spm markedly reversed these Cu-induced effects for all three PAs and partially restored the (Spd+Spm)/Put ratio in leaves. It also significantly enhanced the level of proline… CONTINUE READING


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