Exodeviation compensated for by dragged macula: pseudo-exodeviation.


Dragged macula is a manifestation of several ophthalmic conditions. We present a 25-years-old male with dragged macula in the right eye, good vision in both eyes, and pseudo-exodeviation of 45 prism diopter without diplopia. We tried to correlate between the degree of pseudo-deviation and the distant of the fovea from its expected original position.

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@article{AlGhadyan2009ExodeviationCF, title={Exodeviation compensated for by dragged macula: pseudo-exodeviation.}, author={A A Al-Ghadyan and Ehab A. Tamimi}, journal={Annals of ophthalmology}, year={2009}, volume={41 3-4}, pages={191-4} }