ExoSim: the Exoplanet Observation Simulator

  title={ExoSim: the Exoplanet Observation Simulator},
  author={Subhajit Sarkar and Enzo Pascale and Andreas Papageorgiou and Luke J Johnson and Ingo P. Waldmann},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics},
A new generation of exoplanet research beckons and with it the need for simulation tools that accurately predict signal and noise in transit spectroscopy observations. We developed ExoSim: an end-to-end simulator that models noise and systematics in a dynamical simulation. ExoSim improves on previous simulators in the complexity of its simulation, versatility of use and its ability to be generically applied to different instruments. It performs a dynamical simulation that can capture temporal… 
ArielRad: the Ariel radiometric model
It is shown that the measurement uncertainties are dominated by the photon statistic, and that an observing programme with about 1000 exoplanetary targets can be completed during the primary mission lifetime.
The Ariel 0.6 - 7.8 μm stellar limb-darkening coefficients
We provide here tables of stellar limb-darkening coefficients (LDCs) for the Ariel ESA M4 space mission. These tables include LDCs corresponding to different wavelength bins and white bands for the
Twinkle Design Update Technical Note
  • Computer Science
  • 2020
This technical note captures the recent progress in updating and defining the Twinkle baseline by the Airbus and ABB industrial teams working with Blue Skies Space Ltd (BSSL). Led by scientific
High-precision photometry with Ariel
In this paper we describe the photometry instruments of Ariel, consisting of the VISPhot, FGS1 and FGS2 photometers in the visual and mid-IR wavelength. These photometers have their own cadence,
The homogeneous characterisation of Ariel host stars
A structured approach for the characterisation of Ariel stars that accounts for the concepts of homogeneity and coherence among a large set of stellar parameters and preliminary results for elemental abundances of Na, Al, Mg, Si, C, N.
The Ariel ground segment and instrument operations science data centre
The ground segment for the ESA M4 Ariel exoplanet space mission encompasses the framework necessary to support the development of the Ariel mission to launch, in-flight operations and calibration, data processing pipeline and data handling, including user support.


pysynphot/Synphot Throughput Files: Mapping to instrument components for ACS, COS, and WFC3
This document describes the pysynphot/Synphot throughput tables, provides with a detailed mapping of these les to the HST instruments components as they follow the light path of the dierent
A proposal for community driven and decentralized astronomical databases and the Open Exoplanet Catalogue
A new kind of astronomical database based on small text files and a distributed version control system that creates a decentralized, completely open and democratic way of managing small to medium sized heterogeneous astronomical databases and catalogues.
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