ExoMars Raman Laser Spectrometer: A Tool to Semiquantify the Serpentinization Degree of Olivine-Rich Rocks on Mars.

  title={ExoMars Raman Laser Spectrometer: A Tool to Semiquantify the Serpentinization Degree of Olivine-Rich Rocks on Mars.},
  author={Marco Veneranda and Guillermo Lopez‐Reyes and Elena Pascual Sanchez and Agata M. Krzesińska and Jose Antonio Manrique-Martinez and Aurelio Sanz-Arranz and Cateline Lantz and Emmanuel Alexis Lalla and Andoni G. Moral and Jes{\'u}s Medina and François Poulet and Henning Dypvik and Stephanie C. Werner and Jorge L. Vago and Fernando Rull},
We evaluated the effectiveness of the ExoMars Raman laser spectrometer (RLS) to determine the degree of serpentinization of olivine-rich units on Mars. We selected terrestrial analogs of martian ultramafic rocks from the Leka Ophiolite Complex (LOC) and analyzed them with both laboratory and flight-like analytical instruments. We first studied the mineralogical composition of the samples (mostly olivine and serpentine) with state-of-the-art diffractometric (X-ray diffractometry [XRD]) and… 
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