Existenzbeweis für eine eindeutige Röntgenstrukturanalyse durch Entfaltung. I. Entfaltung zentrosymmetrischer endlicher Massenverteilungen

  title={Existenzbeweis f{\"u}r eine eindeutige R{\"o}ntgenstrukturanalyse durch Entfaltung. I. Entfaltung zentrosymmetrischer endlicher Massenverteilungen},
  author={R. Hosemann and S. N. Bagchi},
  journal={Acta Crystallographica},
Imperfection and radiation damage in protein crystals studied with coherent radiation
Coherent diffraction observations from polyhedra crystals at cryotemperature are reported. Information is obtained about the lattice strain and the changes with radiation damage.
Mask-based approach to phasing of single-particle diffraction data.
A Monte Carlo-type approach for low- and medium-resolution phasing of single-particle diffraction data is suggested, which results in phases that have 97% correlation with the exact phases in the full 25 Å resolution shell and correlations of 99, 94, 81 and 79% for the resolution shells. Expand
The success story of crystallography
Abstract Diffractionists usually place the birth of crystallography in 1912 with the first X-ray diffraction expeäriment of Friedrich, Knipping and Laue. This discovery propelled the mathematicalExpand
Analysis of small-angle scattering data from micelles and microemulsions: free-form approaches and model fitting
Abstract The free-form methods for analyzing small-angle scattering data have, during the last years, found more widespread use for micelles and microemulsions. Recent developments have made themExpand
Small-angle neutron scattering of the system Fe80-xNixB12Si8 in the amorphous state with 0 ≤ x ≤ 80 : comparison with the evolution of crystallization studied by the controlled Joule effect analysis
Abstract The evolution of crystallization of amorphous ribbons has previously been studied by the controlled Joule effect analysis (CJEA) in the system Fe 80− x Ni x B 12 Si 8 . The sign andExpand
Modern Methods of Data Analysis in Small-Angle Scattering and Light Scattering
The purpose of this article is to introduce small-angle scattering (SAS) as a method for investigation of nonperiodic systems. It should create an understanding of the crucial points of this methodExpand
X-ray diffraction of Langmuir-Blodgett films: Establishing a new method for the calculation of electron density distributions from a single set of intensity data☆
Abstract A new method for direct determination of the signs of X-ray diffraction reflections from Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films has been established. It is based on the ability to separate the Q0Expand