author={Brian Anthony Smith},
  pages={493 - 494}
  • B. A. Smith
  • Published 1 September 1972
  • Philosophy
  • Theology
During recent years various forms of existential philosophy have swept through college campuses, both secular and religious, in North America. Younger men have found enormous appeal in some forms of existentialism. At times the reaction has suggested the discovery of something new, and in theological circles, the discovery of something not accessible through orthodox religion. Existentialism is almost as difficult to interpret as it is impossible to describe. It may be wholly secular and… 

The Labyrinth within Kafka's The Castle: A Fluctuation between Nihilism and Existentialism

Man lives within a social context he finds himself involved in. He is doomed to choose in spite of the fact that he has had no choice in his coming to the world. Man’s being in the world subjects him

Psychoanalysis and Modernity: A Failure to Find Relief from Existential Terror

Psychoanalysis and Modernity: A Failure to Find Relief from Existential Terror by Erin Liat D. Claridge Advisor: Elliot Jurist, Ph.D., Ph.D. This project considers the ways in which culture—the

“Hello World!” Gwenpool: Marvel’s Camusian absurd hero

  • A. Paylor
  • Art
    Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Existentialism and comic books have a long association. Existentialist themes within comic books have often been identified and explored by scholars. Such examinations have, however,

Woman’s Self-Realisation in the Poetry of Thomas Hardy

  • M. Sulaiman
  • Art
    English Language and Literature Studies
  • 2018
A comprehensive investigation of Thomas Hardy’s poetry reveals the doctrines of Existentialism which were new and not common during the 19th century. Hardy’s poetry, combining both Modern and

A Philosophical Study of the Concept of Intersubjectivity

In this paper I am going to discuss what is intersubjectivity according to jaspers and Marcel. Our method will be analytical, philosophical, and experiential. In this paper I am going to find out the

On Harold’s ‘translucent reality’: a philosophical and religious interpretation of Harold and the Purple Crayon

ABSTRACT In this paper, one of the most popular children’s picture books, Harold and the Purple Crayon, is examined in terms of philosophical and religious viewpoints. Harold, a young inquisitive

An Afro-Existential Approach to the Development of the Nigerian Society

The role of philosophy in nation building is hardly given the recognition it deserves in the African society. In this regard, philosophers are often seen as those who see problems where none exist,


The issue of Existentialism in literary work has become interesting topic to discuss since the late of 1800’s till nowadays. This phenomenal thought led to the new era of philosophical thought, as

Anita Desai ' s ' Sarah ' : A Study of Diasporic Womanhood

In the post-colonial era, migration has become a universal phenomenon and it has given rise to the vast cultural mosaics, melting pots and salad bowls in the places of migrant settlements. In the



An Existential Argument for the Divine Transcendence

T HE term "existentialism" suggests to us post-war neurosis, irrationalism, and a morbid preoccupation with such gruesome themes as anxiety, death, and the absurdity of life. While the impression may

The Sovereignty of God

On many a public question involving moral issues, the existence of this Council has enabled the Free Churches to speak with a single voice in the service of civic and human well-being. We have stood

The concept of dread

THE notion that every scientific problem within the great field embraced by science has its definite place, its measure and its bounds, and precisely thereby has its resonance in the whole, its


  • H. Kirby
  • Education, Philosophy
    The Journal of the Christian Medical Association of India
  • 1964
Bargaining with reading habit is no need. Reading is not kind of something sold that you can take or not. It is a thing that will change your life to life better. It is the thing that will give you

Christ's object lessons

Christ's Object Lessons recounts stories of the Master Teacher that draw practical, down-to-earth lessons from common scenes, objects, and incidents of life the shepherd, the builder, the tiller of

Revelation and Reason

The Desire of Ages

    Testimonies for the Church