Existence of syphilis in a Pleistocene bear

  title={Existence of syphilis in a Pleistocene bear},
  author={Bruce M. Rothschild},
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Description of pathological conditions in the skeleton of an adult male brown bear Ursus arctos from the Cantabrian range of mountains (Reserva Nacional de Caza de Riaño, León)

In this paper we describe with detail the pathological conditions found on the skeleton of an adult male brown bear from the Cantabrian Mountains. This specimen shows a great number of pathologies,

Análisis microestructural de caolinitas y génesis de caolines en el Macizo Ibérico

En el presente trabajo se ha efectuado una caracterizacion mineralogica, geoquimica y microestructural por DRX de un conjunto de materiales correspondientes a diversas funciones del Macizo Iberico.

pipsqueak, an early acting member of the posterior group of genes, affects vasa level and germ cell-somatic cell interaction in the developing egg chamber.

It is shown that pipsqueak acts after the establishment of the oskar posterior anchor but before the localization of vasa protein during oogenesis, and characterization of multiple alleles at the pipsQueak locus shows that pippingqueak, like vasa, is required for early stages of oogenesis.



Tuberculosis of the bones and joints.

Vertebral arch tuberculosis in two human immunodeficiency virus-seropositive heroin addicts.

We studied two cases of disseminated tuberculosis with vertebral arch involvement in drug addicts seropositive for human immunodeficiency virus. The first patient developed a paraplegia while he was

Treponemal infection in a Pleistocene bear

Lesions characteristic of treponemal infection are observed in a Pleistocene bear from Indiana (dated 11,500 years BP) which give a positive result when tested with the antisera used by the US Center for Disease Control for verification of syphilis infection.

Syphilis in a Pleistocene bear?

Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Disorders

This book discusses Radiography and Related Diagnostic Techniques in the Evaluation of Bone, Joint and Soft Tissue Diseases and their applications in Musculoskeletal Diseases.