Existence of standing wave solutions for coupled quasilinear Schrödinger systems with critical exponents in RN


This paper is concerned with the following quasilinear Schrödinger system in RN : { −ε2∆u + V1(x)u− ε2∆(u2)u = K1(x)|u| −2u + h1(x, u, v)u, −ε2∆v + V2(x)v− ε2∆(v2)v = K2(x)|v| −2v + h2(x, u, v)v, where N ≥ 3, Vi(x) is a nonnegative potential, Ki(x) is a bounded positive function, i = 1, 2. h1(x, u, v)u and h2(x, u, v)v are superlinear but subcritical… (More)


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