Existence of solutions for some discrete boundary value problems with a parameter

  title={Existence of solutions for some discrete boundary value problems with a parameter},
  author={Yang Yang and Jihui Zhang},
  journal={Applied Mathematics and Computation},
Keywords: Discrete Homological nontrivial critical point Morse theory Local linking a b s t r a c t In this paper, the existence and multiplicity results of solutions are obtained for the discrete nonlinear two point boundary value problem (BVP) ÀD 2 uðk À 1Þ ¼ kf ðk; uðkÞÞ k 2 þ is a parameter. By using the critical point theory and Morse theory, we obtain that the above (BVP) has solutions for k being in some different intervals. In this paper, we consider the existence and multiplicity of… CONTINUE READING

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