Existence of closed timelike geodesics in Lorentz spaces

  title={Existence of closed timelike geodesics in Lorentz spaces},
  author={Frank Tipler},
Certain classes of compact four-dimensional Lorentz spaces are shown to possess at least one closed timelike geodesic. 
Timelike periodic trajectories in spatially compact Lorentz manifolds
A result on the existence of timelike periodic trajectories in a general class of Lorentzian manifolds R x M, with compact M, is obtained. The proof is based on arguments concerning closed geodesics
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We construct the first examples of geodesically complete compact spacetimes admitting a regular globally hyperbolic covering, but which do not contain closed causal geodesics.
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We prove the existence of at least two timelike non self-int ersecting periodic geodesics in compact stationary Lorentzian manifolds and w e discuss some properties of the topology of such manifolds.
We show that every closed Lorentzian surface contains at least two closed geodesics. Explicit examples show the optimality of this claim. Refining this result we relate the least number of closed
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Abstract. We show that a static Lorentzian manifold satisfying a completeness assumption is geodesically connected. In particular, such condition is satisfied by all compact static manifolds; in the
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Lectures on closed geodesics
1. The Hilbert Manifold of Closed Curves.- 1.1 Hilbert Manifolds.- 1.2 The Manifold of Closed Curves.- 1.3 Riemannian Metric and Energy Integral of the Manifold of Closed Curves.- 1.4 The Condition
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The various properties of the domain of dependence (Cauchy development) which have been found particularly useful in the study of gravitational fields are reviewed. The basic techniques for
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The theory of the causal structure of a general space-time is developed, and is used to study black holes and to prove a number of theorems establishing the inevitability of singualarities under certain conditions.
Geroch, Topology in general relativity
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