Existence of a proton halo in Al-23 and its significance

  title={Existence of a proton halo in Al-23 and its significance},
  author={Xingping Cai and Hui Zhang and W. Q. Shen and Zz Ren and Jian-Jun Feng and D. Q.(方德清) Fang and Zhi-yuan Zhu and Wen Zhi Jiang and Y. G.(马余刚) Ma and Ziping Zhang and Wenlong Zhan and Zhongyan Guo and Guang-hong Xiao and J. S. Wang and Yong-tai Zhu and J. X. Li and Lingshu Wang and Jun Sheng Wang and Nj Ning and Q. J. Wang and Zhong Chen},
Reaction cross section sigma(R) of proton-rich isotones (N = 10) near Al-23 and Al isotopes (Al23-28) on C target have been measured at intermediate energies around 30 MeV/nucleon. An abnormal increase of the experimental sigma(R) is observed for Al-23 and it suggests that there is an anomalously large matter rms radius in Al-23. Together with the very weakly binding of the last proton (S-p = 0.125 MeV), it indicates that there is a proton halo in Al-23. This conclusion is also supported by the… CONTINUE READING

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