Existence and almost everywhere regularity of isoperimetric clusters for fractional perimeters

  title={Existence and almost everywhere regularity of isoperimetric clusters for fractional perimeters},
  author={Maria Colombo and Francesco Maggi},
  journal={arXiv: Optimization and Control},

Nonlocal minimal clusters in the plane


We show existence of nonlocal minimal cluster with Dirichlet boundary data. In two dimensions we show that, if the fractional parameter s is sufficiently close to 1, the only singular minimal cone

On clusters and the multi-isoperimetric profile in Riemannian manifolds with bounded geometry

For a complete Riemannian manifold with bounded geometry, we prove the existence of isoperimetric clusters and also the compactness theorem for sequence of clusters in a larger space obtained by

Capillarity problems with nonlocal surface tension energies

ABSTRACT We explore the possibility of modifying the classical Gauss free energy functional used in capillarity theory by considering surface tension energies of nonlocal type. The corresponding



Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture in Rn

Abstract The least-area hypersurface enclosing and separating two given volumes in Rn is the standard double bubble.

Regularity and Bernstein-type results for nonlocal minimal surfaces

We prove that, in every dimension, Lipschitz nonlocal minimal surfaces are smooth. Also, we extend to the nonlocal setting a famous theorem of De Giorgi stating that the validity of Bernstein's

Minimal clusters of four planar regions with the same area

We prove that the optimal way to enclose and separate four planar regions with equal area using the less possible perimeter requires all regions to be connected. Moreover, the topology of such

Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture

We prove that the standard double bubble provides the least-area way to enclose and separate two regions of prescribed volume in R 3 .

Bootstrap regularity for integro-differential operators and its application to nonlocal minimal surfaces

We prove that C1,↵ s-minimal surfaces are of class C1. For this, we develop a new bootstrap regularity theory for solutions of integro-differential equations of very general type, which we believe

On the Shape of Compact Hypersurfaces with Almost‐Constant Mean Curvature

The distance of an almost‐constant mean curvature boundary from a finite family of disjoint tangent balls with equal radii is quantitatively controlled in terms of the oscillation of the scalar mean

Regularity of nonlocal minimal cones in dimension 2

We show that the only nonlocal s-minimal cones in $${\mathbb{R}^2}$$ are the trivial ones for all $${s \in (0, 1).}$$ As a consequence we obtain that the singular set of a nonlocal minimal surface

Sharp stability inequalities for planar double bubbles

In this paper we address the global stability problem for double-bubbles in the plane. This is accomplished by combining the "improved convergence theorem" for planar clusters developed in

Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture in R4 and certain higher dimensional cases

We prove that the standard double bubble is the minimizing double bubble in R 4 and in certain higher dimensional cases, extending the recent work in R 3 of Hutchings, Morgan, Ritore and Ros.