Exhaled Breath Analysis of Lung Cancer Patients Using Metal Oxide Sensor

  title={Exhaled Breath Analysis of Lung Cancer Patients Using Metal Oxide Sensor},
  author={Joon-Boo Yu and Jeong-Ok Lim and Hyung-Gi Byun and Jeung-Soo Huh},
  journal={2011 First ACIS/JNU International Conference on Computers, Networks, Systems and Industrial Engineering},
Breath tests are attractive since they are noninvasive and can be repeated frequently changing state of critically ill patients. Analysis of exhaled breath for recognition of human diseases using endogenous volatile organic compounds offers the possibility of noninvasive diagnosis. We investigated screening method of lung cancer. The system for screening of lung cancer was made by using metal oxide gas sensor array with solid phase microextraction(SPME) fiber. The system tested breath gas of… CONTINUE READING


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