Exfoliative cytology and titanium dental implants: a pilot study.

  title={Exfoliative cytology and titanium dental implants: a pilot study.},
  author={Daniel Gustavo Olmedo and Gabriela Nalli and Sergio Verd{\'u} and Mar{\'i}a Luisa Paparella and R{\'o}mulo Luis Cabrini},
  journal={Journal of periodontology},
  volume={84 1},
BACKGROUND Oral exfoliative cytology is a diagnostic method that involves the study of cells exfoliated from the oral mucosa. Ions/particles released from metallic implants can remain in the peri-implant milieu. The aim of the present study is to assess the presence of metal particles in cells exfoliated from peri-implant oral mucosa around titanium dental implants. METHODS The study comprised 30 patients carrying titanium dental implants, who had neither a metallic prosthesis nor metal… CONTINUE READING
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