Exercise related transient abdominal pain

  title={Exercise related transient abdominal pain},
  author={Darren Peter Morton},
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  • D. Morton
  • Published 2003
  • Medicine
  • British Journal of Sports Medicine
The causes of exercise related transient abdominal pain remain to be elucidated. 
Review article: the pathophysiology and management of gastrointestinal symptoms during physical exercise, and the role of splanchnic blood flow
The prevalence of exercise‐induced gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms has been reported up to 70%. The pathophysiology largely remains unknown.
A Pediatric Case of Exercise Related Transient Abdominal Pain (ETAP) and Analysis of Current Literature
A case report of an 11- year-old otherwise healthy female and subsequent analysis of literature, will present a contemporary understanding of ETAP, including the various ideas about the etiology, the epidemiology associated with it, and strategies to manage and prevent this frustrating disorder. Expand
Exercise related transient abdominal pain: a case report and review of the literature.
  • Brad Muir
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association
  • 2009
This case report of an elite triathlete with ETAP and subsequent review of literature, outlines the various theories about the etiology of ETAP, the epidemiology associated with it, some differentials to consider, and how chiropractic care may benefit those suffering from ETAP. Expand
Exercise-Related Transient Abdominal Pain (ETAP)
A contemporary understanding of ETAP is presented, which historically has received little research attention but over the past 15 years has been more carefully studied. Expand
Dolor abdominal transitorio vinculado al ejercicio: causas y soluciones
Exercise related transient abdominal pain (ETAP), generally known as stitch or side ache, is a condition of unknown ethiology which is very common among spor...
Evaluation of the Athlete With Exertional Abdominal Pain
The goal of this article will be to briefly describe the relevant exercise-associated changes of the gastrointestinal tract and provide a differential diagnosis and a proposed mechanism of evaluation of exertional abdominal pain. Expand
The effect of transversus abdominis activation on exercise-related transient abdominal pain.
Participants who had stronger trunk muscles and larger resting Transversus abdominis size experienced Exercise-related transient abdominal pain less. Expand
Exercise-related abdominal pain as a manifestation of the median arcuate ligament syndrome
A case of an elite runner with exercise-related severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea related to compression of the coeliac axis by the median arcuate ligament is reported, achieving complete symptom relief with surgical division of the constricting ligament. Expand
Spirometry measurements during an episode of exercise-related transient abdominal pain.
ETAP does not appear to be associated with reduced inspiratory performance, suggesting that the diaphragm is not implicated directly in the etiology of ETAP. Expand
Stitch in the side: Causes, workup, and solutions
  • E. Eichner
  • Medicine
  • Current sports medicine reports
  • 2006
Side stitch is an acute, localized, sharp, transient pain that occurs during exercise, most often in runners or swimmers, but also in those participating in team sports, and less often in cyclists.Expand


Abdominal wall pain: An alternative diagnosis
The cause of abdominal pain need not necessarily reside in the viscera; the abdominal wall is another source of symptoms and some causes are obvious, but not so others such as nerve entrapment syndromes. Expand
The Abdominal Wall: A Frequently Overlooked Source of Abdominal Pain
Here, I review various conditions from my practice as a consultant gastroenterologist that present with abdominal pain in which the cause of the pain is the result of abdominal wall conditions, orExpand
[Referred shoulder pain].
Mechanisms and treatment of referred pain has been evaluated because of a case with shoulder pain rising from diaphragmatic irritation. Expand
Recurrent abdominal pain from abdominal adhesions in an endurance triathlete.
A 28-yr-old endurance triathlete with recurrent abdominal pain in which multiple diagnostic imaging studies were unable to diagnose the etiology is presented. Expand
Abdominal pain in long distance runners: case report and analysis of the literature
A long distance runner who had severe pain in the upper right abdominal quadrant during strenuous exertion, and there was evidence of chronic cholecystitis on histopathological examination, is described. Expand
Slipping rib syndrome: an overlooked cause of chest and abdominal pain.
Greater awareness of this syndrome among clinicians could sale both patient and doctor time and unnecessary concern. Expand
Factors influencing exercise-related transient abdominal pain.
Training status alters the frequency of occurrence of ETAP but has little effect on the incidence or severity of the pain, and ETAP and STP decrease with age but are not related to gender or BMI. Expand
Exercise-induced abdominal pain.
A 28-year-old woman was a professional dancer, whose symptoms began with dull, nonradiating right flank pain while she was dancing, and subsequently noted pain and tenderness in the right side of the abdomen while walking long distances. Expand
Characteristics and etiology of exercise-related transient abdominal pain.
The findings of the present study provide perspective on previously suggested etiologies of ETAP, which include diaphragmatic ischemia and stress on the visceral "ligaments," and form the basis for examining alternative etiology such as cramp of the musculature and irritation of the parietal peritoneum. Expand
Gastrointestinal problems in runners
Much of the literature deals with marathon and ultramarathon running, showing the extreme effects of running and exertional stress on the body; however, recreational runners may not be so afflicted as these study participants. Expand